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Dear Traveler thank you for visiting our site, we are an agency specializes in regional tours in the Amazon region and Manaus. With over 20 years of experience we offer a several options of day trips as well as overnight in jungle lodges, regional boats, luxury boats, travel by van to Margarita (Venezuela), bilingual drivers for executives, reservations for regional boats to Belem , Santarem, Tabatinga, Parintins also we do hotel-reservations.

Our Day Tours

Following a list of fantastic excursions offered by Amazon Day Tour, we hope you find the adventure that you are looking for , to see the description of the chosen tour just click on it and you will have a complete resume of the tour, for further information on Taylor made tours, doubts or questions, please contact us by our e-mail info@amazondaytours.com

Tour 1 - Meeting of the Waters: Departure at 09:00 am bound for the meeting of the waters, we will visit the famous meeting of the waters, ecological park Janauari, we will have contact with the natives (River people), tour around Igapós and Igarapes (depending on the season) .... . Return to Manaus at approximately 14:30 h ........ more details

Tour 2 - Grand Amazon Day: Departure at 08.30 bound for the Indian community where we see them dances and handicrafts, bound to interact with pink dolphins, visit to the meeting of the waters, visit to the ecological park Janauari , visit to the lilie pad, exploration of Igapós and igarapes (depending on the season) ....... Return to Manaus at approximately 17:30 pm .......more details

Tour 3 - Combo-Piranhas Fishing Alligator Sightseeing : Departure at 03:00pm in speedboat equipped with life jackets and regulated at the Brazilian Cost Guard, bound for the Amazon ecological park Janauari observing the diversity of birds and scenery, fishing with typical local fishing stick , at the beginning of the night we will star our search for the Amazon Cayman ....... Return to Manaus at approximately 07:30 pm .....more details

Tour 4 - Combo-Visit to pink dolphins and Indigenous Community: Departure at 08:30 am bound for the Indian community to watch their dances and traditions of this people, after visit continue our journey into Jacareubal lake to interact  with the pink dolphins ... ........ Return to Manaus at approximately 01:00 pm ...........more details

Tour 5 -  Jungle Walking : Departure as 08:30 by speed boat to reach  the region of  jaraqui (Rio Negro) here our expert guides will teach survival techniques in the jungle, explanations of  flora and fauna ........ Return to Manaus .. approximately 13:00 ............ more details.

Tour 6 - Fishing on the Rio Solimoes: Depart 07:30 bound for Rio Solimoes , our goal will be catch the big cat fish found in this region , Pirarara, piramutaba,  Surubim, sport fishery in Long Line, lunch at native family house ......... Return to Manaus approximately 17:00 ....................more details.

Our tours are mostly made by speedboat, so we will have more flexibility during our way navigating the rivers and streams, ours speed boats are safe, comfortable and faster than the old regional boats.

Tour 7 - Presidente Figueiredo Lands of Waterfalls: Departure at 08:00, destined for the city of Presidente Figueiredo here we find a different landscape of the Amazon rainforest, visit the waterfalls and rapids forming its unique landscape, Presidente Figueiredo is located at 110 km from Manaus ................ Return to Manaus around 17:30...........more details.

Tour 8 - Manaus City Tour Classic: Departure at 08:30 to see the most important sights of the city of Manaus and the Amazon Theater, Municipal Market, Tours made with cars or  vans provided with air conditioning and professional guide end of the tour around 12:00 am .......more details.

Tour 9 - Manaus City Tour Classic & Scientific with lunch: Departure at 08:30 to see the most important sights of the city of Manaus and the Amazon Theater, Municipal Market, lunch, visit to the National Institute of Amazon Research, Tours made with cars or  vans provided with air conditioning and professional guide end of the tour around 16:00 am .......more details.

Tour 10 - Manaus Bus , Panoramic City Tour: Departures from Monday to Saturday next to the  Amazonas opera house in two schedules 09:00 and 14:30 Bus air-conditioned equipped with LCD screens , sound system and dvd, capacity for 67 seated passengers lot of fun and history with our tourist guide throughout the trip .......... more details.

Tour 11 - Panoramic Fly over the Amazon - Departure from Manaus aeroclub for for a panoramic fly over the most interesting points in our region, with a duration of one hour, news aircrafts with experience pilots........more details.

Transfers - We have a fleet of cars, vans and buses for airport transfers to hotel and vice versa basement prices super comfortable that fit in any budget......more details.

Amazon Day Tours, everything you are looking for, you will find here!!

Regional Boats reservation in hammocks or cabins - From Manaus destined for Belem, Tabatinga, Santarem, Obidos, Porto Velho, with Amazonas Day Tour you reserve your ticket without complications or disorders. Choose your destination and we take care of the rest.


Rent a car, We have the best rates in Manaus, new cars with or without drivers, check out our rates


We have a fleet of boats with cabins or hammocks for overnight in  the Amazon River or Rio Negro, we also organized expeditions from 1 day up to 15 days, we help to make the trip of your dreams.



Survival in the jungle with Amazon Day Tour, Our excellent team of native guides will accompany you on an unforgettable experience in the heart of the forest, teach how to survive in the forest in case of disorientation, a 5-day adventure, unforgettable.



Alligator Catching and Piranhas fishing

Have you thought you starring this adventure  ?, And that's possible with Amazon Day Tour, check our list of adventure tours on the link tours.